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As everyone is aware of the fact that current development in IT and multi-media has turned this planet into a GLOBAL VILLAGE when all the sectors are interdependent and rely on each other more commonly.
In this business environment, implementation of business projects is more prompt and practical but it has become more dependent on specific human skills and manpower. Hence those countries desirous to develop rapidly but lack of human workforce will look towards the countries who are thickly populated and can provide human workforce on basis of mutual coordination.
At this juncture, our country Bangladesh comes into lime light. Bangladesh has largest density of population in the world of 180 million. Due to tough living conditions, extreme weather and competitive working environment, our country has become the source for supply of skilled professional and unskilled workforce. Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis are working in various sectors world over and due to their loyalty to employers and dedication to duties; the demand for intake of Bangladeshis workforce is tremendously increasing day by day.
Keeping in view this hard fact, we founded RAMNA AIR INTERNATIONAL as a licensed recruiting agency in 2009 Since then, we have mobilized thousands of workers in various categories to different countries in Middle East and Far East. Our network of business is highly professional and includes:
a)Qualified staff for sourcing Right man for Right job.
b)Computerized data bank of professional and skilled workforce
c)Our travel agency namely RAMNA AIR INTERNATIONAL arrange and facilitate the journey of workforce to overseas and technical track test center
d)By combining all these under one roof, our agency has become one of the leading manpower supply company in Bangladesh.
In the pages to follow, the actual modus overdue will be explained and enable valued clients to understand the operational system for import of Bangladeshi workforce.
Our utmost assurance to provide you the best possible services in this regards.

Shahidul Islam
Chief Executive.




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